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Madame’s SHOWREEL 2021

Selected for Nice Danse Festival 2020, DOT  is a fresh and colorful short movie that explores optical illusion through playing with shapes and scales...

Musical Fragrance In Blue is a reverence to Hollywood musical aquatic ballets such as Bathing beauty starring Esther Williams. Entirely shot in stop-motion on the music track  “The Dance at the Gym” from West Side Story, this short movie features a perfume bottle, Blue and its shadows in paper, the Bluetifuls.

Stop-motion short film commissioned by PUZZUP

Xmas stop-motion creation for CHLOÉ

Handmade stop-motion GREETING CARD 2020  for Karus Films

Selected for Côté Court festival 2020, Thaumatrope, étude I, des corps is an original creation, exploring retinal persitence. It is also a poetic allegory of amorous encounter where desire of completeness and physical attraction push the two characters in a hypnotic and confusing ballet,..

First collaboration for and with Karus Films, La Boîte is a stop-motion short film featuring the process of creation... and a zebra.

Running on Cargo